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Week #3: All the Cat’s Things…

Posted on: August 3, 2012

(Apologies for not posting on Wednesday, WordPress was giving me a little trouble.)


Teddy is a very simple cat. She’s 17 years old, and has long since figured out what she does and does not like. Mostly this includes sleeping, preferably in the nearest warm lap. When she does want to play, she likes things that move outside of her actions. Things on strings are great, and she has a couple of toys that are bouncy so when she’s hits them they go crazy. She doesn’t like things that make noise, or are made of hard plastic.
She also loves these little knit pillows that my MIL made for her. It’s adorable the way she just wants to be around, so she rests her little elbows on the pillow and crosses her paws. Old cat needs her comforts. 😀

So, I didn’t have much in the way of organizing to do, but there’s always something!


The steps were the same this week as previously: get everything together in one spot, sort, get rid of stuff (in this case, a couple of toys that she doesn’t play with anymore and some expired meds), and then figure out how best to put it back.  Once again, I’m following along with Home Storage Solutions 101, and each week there is a new area to organize as part of their 52 week challenge. You can jump in any time. I’m on my third week, but they’re more than halfway through.

We already had baskets for her things. One is a vase that came with a bamboo plant. (It died. Of all the things I inherited from my mother’s side of the family, I’d trade in the hips for my grandmother’s green thumb in a heartbeat. I’m telling you, the woman had only to look at a plant and it would grow. I think she had magic beans or something.) We keep it at floor level so Teddy Bear can reach in and grab a toy out if she wants. 


The other basket is for her meds: flea and arthritis. Plus her combs and brushes and that harness I had really hoped she’d like so I could take her for walks. Amazing how cats don’t like to be walked. I thought she’d just love being outside again! We had been keeping this basket under the sink in our half bath downstairs, but that has been proving to be more and more inconvenient, so I took this opportunity to move it into the master bath, where we moved all the rest of her stuff anyway. We’ve tried to make it so she doesn’t have to jump or use stairs to get to anything, so she only does those things if she -wants- to.

I love my kitten. She’s totally worth the five minutes this reorganize took!





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