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Sneak Peek!

Posted on: August 28, 2012

This fabric, a deep red silk, is going to become a lovely formal 13th century Mongolian noblewoman’s robe. (del, as they’re called natively)

I’m basing my choice off this image and (many) others like it:


Red seems to be the most common color for the formal overrobes the women wore, and as you can see above, they were big on embroidery, but not always. I have not yet decided if I will embroider mine or not. I think that will depend on how the winter goes, project-wise.

 I’m basing the cutting on a couple of different pieces.

©Gold, Silk, White and Blue Porcelain; p58-59

 and this diagram for cutting a Han Chinese Banbi:

I’m using the linked image as a sort of pattern. Obviously, the actual Mongolian piece has cuffs attached, which I will be adding. I was largely looking for direction in shaping the sleeves.  the rest of the del (the body) I’ve done before, and is pretty much the same no matter who was wearing it, so it should be pretty straight forward.

When I am finished, there will also be a pair of slippers and that fantastic hat with the feather sticking up out of the top!



4 Responses to "Sneak Peek!"

This should be gorgeous! If embroidery seems too time consuming, maybe applique some gold trim or braid? I don’t know if this is “period” though. It might make a fun trip to JoAnn Fabrics. Always a plus….

Applique would be appropriate, but probably just as time consuming! But it would make for fun shopping, yes.

I actually found the image I thought showed a solid colored collar, but I was mistaken. I’ll have to get a couple of inches of some different colored silks to make the collar and cuffs. No biggie!

I’m mostly trying to figure out what people used to make the collars stand up before fusible interfacing. Hmm..

Not sure you want to know…..

I’m sure I do! Please share!

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