Threads of the Pattern

Favorite Links

Websites we love, crafts we want to learn and general coolness, TotP style.


Mistress of Disguise 

Dragonfly Designs by Alisa

Diary of a Renaissance Seamstress


Society for Creative Anachronism

August Phoenix, formerly Lao Hats


Geek Crafts

The Crafting Chicks


Blogs We Follow

Don’t Speak Whinese

The Panopticon

Yarn Harlot

Wheel of Time


The 13th Depository

Prophecies of the Pattern

The Wheel of Time Database




Cast On

Critical Hit

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Judge John Hodgeman

Positively Overcommitted

The 4th Age

The History Chicks

The Indoor Kids


The History of Rome

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